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Tan Tan Tours gets you where you could never get in a rental car.
Pile into the Jeep and explore the Rainforest,see the Beer Drinking Pigs and our famous Annally Bay Tidal Pools.
Secluded Beaches,Cane Bay and Point Udall are just a Jeep ride away.
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Annaly Bay Tide Pools
The hike to the pools is about 2 miles each way.
The trail begins behind the tennis courts at Carambola Beach Resort.
There is a bridge with a sign marking the start of the trail.
Bring lots of water and wear proper shoes as the trail is steep and somewhat rocky in places.
The first 20 minutes is a steady,steep incline.
You should be in reasonably fit condition for this hike
The trail winds over the mountain then opens to grassy area leading down to a black rock beach.
From here go left along the beach, and you will see the tide pools.
Just climb over the rock wall and you are in.
Use some caution as these rocks are sharp and jagged.

If you aren't really into the long hike or are physically not up to the 40 minute each way trip, you can book a ride with a Jeep Tour such as Tan Tan Tours
If you are into adventure 4 wheeling, you can grab the road at the top of "The Beast"( West Scenic) and brave the Tan Tan Trail on your own.
Be advised you WILL need 4-wheel drive and if you get stuck there is a good chance you will be on your own.
As always,please help us keep St Croix beautiful.
Take all trash with you and leave nothing but your footprints

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