Vacation Rentals St Croix

Cane Bay is a great beach on the North Shore of St.Croix.
It is somewhat touristy and crowded at times, but has great snorkeling and swimming.
The Cane Bay Wall is one of the top diving spots in the world and there is a dive shop right there.
There are also restaurants and bars and bathrooms.
To get to Cane Bay,go west from...READ MORE

Another great place to take the kids or just hang out with family and friends.
Cramer's Park sits on a beautiful stretch of white sand beach.
BBQ grills, bathrooms and pavilions are provided.
Plenty of sunshine and also lots of shaded areas for those who have had enough sun.
Cramer's Park is located east...READ MORE

Crescent Beach is generally a very private beach.
It is accessible only by foot and is a neighborhood beach.
You will seldom see more than a couple people out on this beach.
The waves are a little rougher than other areas, but a great place to play in the surf.
You will find soft white sand, sandy bottom clear blue water and some shade trees along the beach to get out of the sun.
This beach is on the East End and is accessed though ...READ MORE

You'll notice that this beach is listed in more than one place on my site.
It's because Jack and Isaac's is just that cool !
A couple times I have run into a few other people there, but more often than not I have had it all to myself.
Fairly easy to imagine yourself stranded on a deserted island here..
White sand beach as far as you can see and.. READ MORE

A great fun beach on the West End..
Rainbow Beach is just north of Frederiksted.
Besides the perfect white sand beach and clear blue water, there is lots to do.
You'll find beach activities,water sport rentals and dining and drinks. Always plenty to do at...READ MORE

Here's a great hidden gem on the End..
A little hard to find, it's generally pretty private.
Locals know about it, so you'll see some people there on the weekends.
Tucked down a dirt road, this perfect white sand beach has gentle waves and lots of shade trees just off the beach.
It's a perfect spot to.. READ MORE