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Things to Do on St Croix A Brief History
St Croix has been inhabited by various indigenous groups. Christopher Columbus arrived on the island on November 14, 1493 and was attacked by the Ay Ay or Caribs who lived at Salt River. St Croix has been owned by various countries, including Spain, Netherlands, Knights of Malta, and Great Britain before it became a possession of France. In 1733, France sold the island to the Danish West India Company. For nearly 200 years, the islands were known as the Danish West Indies.St. Croix was sold to the United States by Denmark in 1916 for $25 million in gold.The United States considered the island a strategic point for World War I.The island's inhabitants became American citizens in 1927.Today, St Croix is a thriving tourist destination.

Things to Do on St Croix Climate and Weather
"Sun is shining, the weather is sweet.."
Sunny St Croix enjoys year-round daytime temperatures in the 80's,70's most nights. There is very little temperature fluctuation from summer to winter. Trade winds blow along the length of the island, east to west. The West End of the island receive a good deal more rain than the East End and is considered a sub-tropical rainforest; annual rainfall is extremely variable, averaging perhaps forty inches a year. The East End is hot and dry with cactus and agave plentiful, while the West End has lush vegetation,palm and fruit trees, giving the island multiple ecosystems in a small area.

Things to Do on St Croix Driving on St Croix
Life in the Left Lane
Although we are a U.S. territory, we drive on the left side of the road!
To rent a car on St. Croix, you have to be at least 25 years old, have a valid drivers license and proof of insurance.
While there is no law against open containers, it IS illegal to drive while intoxicated or otherwise impaired.
Seat belts are required and cell phone use without an earpiece is prohibited.

Things to Do on St Croix Beaches
There are many beautiful white sand beaches on St Croix. From beaches with lots of activity like Rainbow Beach or Cane Bay, to peaceful,quiet stretches like Jacks Bay, there is a beach for everyone. Unlike other touristy islands, you will rarely share the beach with many people. It's not hard at all to find a nice quiet beach all to yourself.
All beaches on St Croix are public property..if you can GET there, you can BE there...

Things to Do on St Croix Dining
St Croix has a great mix of fine dining,casual dining ,quick bites and even fare for the eclectic.
Your unit will have a guide to local restaurants for you to browse through.
However, to truly get the "taste of St Croix" one must venture off the mainstream path a bit.
Some of the BEST island food could be right under your nose at a place you would never think to stop.