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St Croix Monk Baths
Now, HERE'S one that you will most likely NOT find on any travel guide...
The Monk Baths are located on the rocky coast north of Frederiksted.
The story goes that the baths were hand carved in the mid 1600's by monks of the Knights of Malta.
With water being scarce, the monks desired to stay clean, but not have to use their fresh drinking water.
They carved this rectangular shaped tidal pool to harness the waves into an area that would be calm enough for bathing.
There are also ruins of several structures that were built around the bath.
An interesting side note gaining some "buzz" is that the Knights of Malta were affiliated with the Knight's Templar.
Speculation is that the sole reason for the short occupancy of St Croix by the Knights of Malta was that they were commissioned by the Knights Templar to find a safe hiding place for the Ark of the Covenant.
Could the famed Ark be right here on St Croix?
To get to the Baths, go north from Rainbow Beach in Frederiksted.The Bath's are after Sprat Hall and Butler Bay and before Hamm Bay.
On your right, look for a wooden sign that says "Northside Valley"
Directly across the road is a post with hand rope leading down to the beach.It is a short way down, but STEEP so watch your step.
Once down to the beach, make a right and about a football field length, you will find the bath's !!
As always,please help us keep St Croix beautiful.
Take all trash with you and leave nothing but your footprints

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